Sam Travis
London College of Fashion
Fashion Photography BA
Just a quick shoot with a friend of mine, for no reason other than to shoot!

Model: Josh
Assistant: Jonathan
Technical Delivery: Project White
With out much preparation, my group managed to source a model, style her and finish the shoot successfully.
At the beginning of the day we were shooting with a ‘three light setup’ but, for me, it was looking a little too commercial. I wanted to add an edgy style to it, so I went to a ‘one light setup’ shooting downwards 45° with a beauty dish.
The shadows and contrasts are quite strong, exactly the look I was going for.
If I was to do it again, I would of got somebody to drop a reflector under the face to add the catch light reflection to the eyes.
Here and There
Here and There
Here and There
Managed to grab a shot or two during Group 5s project of ‘Here and There’. 
My role of the day was to document/behind the scenes. Thoroughly enjoyed this role, I’ve done a lot of ‘candid’ style photography in the past so I got some great images of Assistants working, David working, MUAs working, etc.
More photos to follow
Model: Modeste
Technical Workshop - Natural/Available Light
f1.6 - 1/100th - 1000 (ISO)
Using natural light, is in a lot of situations the only option. 
By increasing the ISO (the sensor sensitivity) this will allow you to increase the shutter speed, to reduce motion blur from either subject or photographer.
Technical Delivery - Speed/Single Light and reflector set up
f2 - 1/250th
*Using the one light set up, (Bowens flash into large softbox (right) and reflector left) I was able to freeze any motion that model (Lusha) made, in this instance it was her hair flicking around as she spun her head. 
*Lighting is used in a lot of commercial and sports photography to freeze movement and retain clarity/sharpness.

Lighting Defusers/Accessories

Snoot - A snoot is designed to concentrate light into one small point, usually used to direct light to a particular accessory or as a hair light. 

Grids/Honey Combs - Come in varient different intensities and sizes, again similar to a snoot, designed to concentrate light into a particular area, or as a hair light.

Umbrella - A very popular defused, particularly with location photographers, just to the size and ease of transport. Usually chosen for illuminating a large subject, i.e. a full body shot. When the light goes into the umbrella, it spreads out and either shoots through, or bounces out causing a large light source. If you wanted to concentrate the light with an umbrella, simply closing it down is an effective method. 

Soft box - Come in varient of sizes, a very popular studio accessory, shooting through a soft box gives a very smooth end result. Usually used for just head/shoulders shots, but as mentioned, some soft boxes are very big, and will easily illuminate a full body. 

Beauty Dish - Light hits the middle of the beauty dish, reflects backwards and hits the ‘dish’ and this is pushed out towards the models face. A very popular light modifier, and a very unique look. The light is very centre weighted, but drops off very quickly, so unless the model is stood close to the background, it is usually very dark. 

Barn Doors - Very similar to snoots and grids, by opening and closing the doors, you can concentrate or spread out the light coming through.